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Usability and Conversion Improvement Consulting


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I am a usability consultant and user interface designer with more than 10 years of experience. I have used my knowledge to improve the usability of web sites, web applications, hand held devices, and other interactive tools.

I believe in incorporating user input throughout the design lifecycle to ensure the final design resonates with its target audiences.

Methodologies I incorporate include:

  • Informal Usability Studies
  • Usability Benchmark Studies
  • Heuristic Reviews
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Interviews
  • Paper Prototyping
  • Wireframes
  • Surveys
  • Task and work analysis

Portfolio available upon request.

Interested in learning more?

Please contact me at 303-358-1112 or send me an email.

“I've always been impressed with how quickly and efficiently Mary adapts to dynamic project needs. From usability testing to information architecture to even SEO conversion improvements, Mary's successes begin with her ability to take a disciplined yet flexible approach to solving business and user needs."
B.P., Inovdesigns

"Mary has been a pleasure to work with. She is very responsive in the days and weeks leading up to the testing through her communications. I always feel like I know where we are at in the process. I particulary appreciate her flexibility in dealing with our "fluid" task plan and other last minute details. And as always she deals with our customers in an extremely professional manner which sets the stage for our achieving valuable results."
D.S., Agilent Technologies

“When you need to count on someone to get the job done with the best results, count on Mary. She is extremely capable with the many demands of an online environment, keeping the organization ahead of where it needs to be. Mary is a pleasure to work with and executes quality work with a deep understanding and appreciation of a wide range of web design and usability issues.”
L.R., Micro Motion